Complex Texture

... tracing threads through time ...


This is the home page of the Complex Texture Podcast a (usually) weekly video podcast devoted to textile arts from my perspective as an historian and a fibre crafter. Emphasis is currently on knitting, but I may reference other needle arts from time to time.

The show is divided into four parts.

Past, Present & Future are the equivalent of standard knitting podcast sections FOs, WIPs & in the queue.

In Footnotes I talk about some aspect of fibre arts in history, drawing on archival sources (like old letters), archaeological records, artistic depictions and surviving objects; occasionally the history will be my own.

Some weeks are more about popular culture; textiles in books, music, movies.

The name of the show comes from the Latin roots:

complex = com “with/together” + plectere “to braid/intertwine”

texture = textere “to weave” also cf. tekhne “an art or skill”

The threads of the fibre arts interlace through the history of humankind and the narrative of our individual lives.

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